Remember Me?

Hello Everyone!

Its been a bit of time since I’ve updated. I have a lot to share with you now that I have a chance to sit down and take a breather. Here is the last two weeks of June all in one post. Hope you like what you see. July is full of events and shoots, so stay tuned!

June 12 2010 – Brentalfloss

I saw one of my favorite people in the world. He is a youtube celebrity, and I love his guts. He is too funny and very entertaining. It was a great show and I cant wait to see him again.

June 14 2010 – Last walk down Cliftonvale

I am moving away from my wee apartment on Cliftonvale. Its kind of sad, but Im happy about it at the same time. This was one of my last walks down the street. It was surprising to see so many flowers still in bloom on my street. Its been under construction for so long. Nice to see something pretty amongst the dirt.

June 23 2010 – Off to the Farm

I saw my friend Danika and we adventured to the beach, and I went to her riding lesson. I played in Lightroom for some of the photos. Just for fun and for something different.

June 26 2010 – HDR at the park.

A couple photos I took while at Pinafore Park. HDR.

June 29 2010 – Flowers

Walked around the block with Corey. Took some photos of my neighbours flowers as we went.

June 30 2010

Took Corey horseback riding. Some photos from around the farm.


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