Meghan & Liandra

Two of my favourite ladies. (: I love them both. They are too cute and its always fun shooting with them.

Meghan wanted a Valentines Photo shoot, so here you go! Its all cute and pretty and I love them. I love how bright all the red looks, and the goofy little things they brought were wonderful.

There are a lot of pictures, but I just had to share them all. I couldnt decide on only a couple, so you get a whole bunch! If you click on them you can see them bigger. 🙂

Taken Feb. 13 2010 in the Studio

Canon 5D 25-70 2.8 lens.


4 thoughts on “Meghan & Liandra

  1. awe yay! thanks sarah!!
    these are adorkable at best! just what i wanted but better! 🙂 wooooot!
    do you have any of us in our ties? that you could email me? if not its okay! im so happy about them! your wonderfull!
    byfar the most fun ive had on a shoot (besides that time we walked around london town and got asked many many random questions:P )

    • im glad you like them. i love them! they are one of my favorite sets of photos. 🙂

      and i believe i do have some of you guys in your ties. i had a hard time deciding which ones to upload. 😛

      ill go look and send you some in a bit if i have any good ones!

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