Jessica & Paul

I finally got out to take some photos for fun. The lovely Jessica brought her boy out for some fun photos around St. Thomas’s Train Station and the old Court House. It was the first time I have shot at either place. So thats new, and odd considering the court house is like 10 feet from my fathers house. Oh well! Pauls daughter tagged along too. I have pictures of her as well. I will add a couple at the end of this post.

oh! I am also trying out my new signature, tell me what you think of that as well. I like it. Its my letterhead for model release forms as well. Its simple but I like it. (:


Now onto father daughter photos. And some goofy ones.

Sorry for the really long post 😛 There was just too much awesome, I wanted to fit it all in. (:





8 thoughts on “Jessica & Paul

  1. Thanks alot for taking these. It was cold, but fun. I haven’t had any updated photos of me and my daughter in a while. Thanks.

    You can also see how cold me and Jess were in a couple of them 😉

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