Update – Jan 25 2010

Hey all.

Well maybe not all, I probably dont have many watchers. 😛  But its all good. Just want to say hi, let you know Im not dead. Just lots of crazyness going on at the moment. But it will all work out in the end.  I have some photos planned for the coming week, and I will also be going back home for a bit. So that should be fun.  Just wanted to send out a wee update. And just for fun…. some winter photos that have not been posted anywhere! yay!  I know, they are a wee bit boring. But I like them. (:

I like taking photos of dead things in the winter. They are still beautiful. Even if by first glance they just seem like weeds and dying plants. A lot of people hate the snow, and I do as well. But sometimes its really pretty too. On this day when I ventured out into the wilderness of my back yard with my camera and a macro lens, I found some beauty.  These are some of my favorite photos, I like the dark dismal colours. Its just another side of winter, another side of another season.

These photos were taken on Dec 19 2009



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